The Amazing Spider-Man not quite amazing

5:33 pm July 23rd, 2012

by Nathan Burr
-Kids’ Movie Review- 

I understand it’s been a while since I’ve sent anything in. Heck, it’s been more than a while. It’s been forever.

I sincerely apologize. I’ve been getting lazy and I need to get on track. With that out of the way, here’s my review for the Amazing Spider-Man.

I don’t need to get into the storyline of the Amazing Spider-Man. Chances are, you’ve either seen the trailers for it or seen the original movies with Toby Maguire.

That’s what this movie is. Sure, they change a few things, but it’s basically the same story as the first.

Even with that said, this one is light years away from being the same. I also had a few problems with the whole movie.

First off, they recast Spidey. Toby McGuire was nerdy, not self-confident, and quiet.

I liked Peter Parker better that way. Andrew Garfield is confident and athletic looking.

I mean, I don’t quite get how he’s not the most popular guy at his high school! Peter is none of those things. And while Spider-Man is hilarious with Andrew, he’s just not the same.

Second, the movie didn’t complete itself.

In the beginning of the movie (which was fantastic, by the way) Peter hunts down a man with a star tattoo on his left hand.

He looks all over New York City, beating up gangsters, saving civilians, and so on.

He never finds the guy with the tattoo. Peter gets his heart set on hunting the guy down and then the movie just leaves it alone.

Spider-Man then directs his attention to the villain, which leads us to the third problem with this movie: The bad guy.

Lizard is a cool monster. He’s strong, he can grow back limbs, and he’s basically invincible.

But, he wasn’t a good bad guy for an entire two hour movie.

He should have been a minor villain, like Two Face in the Dark Knight. The design of Lizard was also lackluster.

He looked more human than he should have.

Fourthly, the trailers led me to think they were going to reveal Spidey’s greatest secrets. Seriously, go on YouTube and look up a trailer and they will have big headlines about it.

Do they reveal anything about him in this movie? NO! I was so excited to learn more about my favorite super hero of all time (Yes, I like him more than Batman. There’s something wrong with me…) and they just trample my hopes. The only time they actually get into the secrets was in a short scene midway through the credits.

And it was a cliffhanger! They don’t reveal anything.

Fifthly, it didn’t feel like two hours. I hear everyone walking out of the theater saying it was such a long movie, but it only felt like an hour and a half. I actually thought the ending was just the climax.

I hoped that after the climax the movie would get into the juicy secrets of Spider-Man and such. It continued for another five minutes. I found myself praying, ‘Oh, please don’t let the credits start rolling already!

Poof. Directed by Marc Webb intrudes on the scene and people start packing up their stuff to leave the theater. That was it?

Despite all my ranting, though, there were a few things I actually did enjoy about the movie.

For starters, Spider-Man was hilarious. He wasn’t supposed to be quite as goofy, but I enjoyed it anyway. I’m just a die-hard Spidey fan. Most of the people reading this won’t mind his silliness at all.

The best scene in the movie by far was when Spider-Man was taking down the car thief and sarcastically freaks out over the small knife the criminal threatens him with.

Also, Spider-Man’s new suit is pretty nice. I noticed that his wrist lit up whenever he shot a web. It’s that kind of detail that really shows how high the budget was for this film.

It was shiny, colorful, and I really liked it.

Even with everything I said, I did enjoy this film. This movie was a fun and flawed romp that introduces us to a new Spider-Man trilogy.

I mean, they didn’t need to remake Spider-Man, but I’m kind of glad they did.

I just hope they make a sequel to this movie so they can finish what they started. Heck, making another movie will solve most of the problems this one had.

Do I recommend seeing this movie? Yes. Was it comparable to the original franchise? No.

This movie was nowhere near as good as the first original Spider-Man movie was, but it’s a rocky start for what I hope to be an even better franchise. I give the Amazing Spider-Man *** out of *****.

The video game of the week is Fable 3. Despite being rated M for numerous reasons, I actually found it to be a rather tame game.

It does have a light sprinkling of curse words that you’d hear during a PG rated movie, but it’s not really that bad.

The climax of the game is terrifying and disturbing and may frighten kiddie-winkles under the age of 12, but other than that, this is a game that mature 10-year-olds could probably handle.

It’s a spectacular game. I give it **** ½ out of *****.

So, please send me a request for a movie you would like me to review. My inbox is kind of lonely. Send me some movie requests at You can also find me at

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