Catch a Clue by Illa Drake March 20-27, 2013

1:16 pm March 20th, 2013

This week sees the sun move into Aries and Mercury settling from a retrograde trip.  Things have been tough all over, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the coming of the spring equinox, all of us turn to beginnings and changes we would like to make—emotional spring cleaning, so to speak. This week’s theme is patience and careful communication, as some of us are still feeling hung-over from the long winter and the stars recent challenges for us. “More will be revealed” so do not get attached to your current problems. They are on their way out!

Aries, Mars has moved into your house and that is good news for you! Difficulties will be only as great as you can handle. Look on the brighter side of life and remember the only one you are really in charge of is you and that is enough work for anyone! As you ready for your upcoming birthday, take this week to look back with gratitude and forward with anticipation for what will unfold next. It is not the product but the process that counts. Another trip around the sun is always better than the alternative!

Taurus, you are coming off a rough patch through the stars, with communication being like dropped calls on your cell phone.  “Can you hear me now?” The answer will finally be, “YES!” Lay down the chip on your shoulder and listen. You will get your turn to say what you need to say and it will be understood. You want it now, but cosmic plans don’t operate that way. Patience, little bull, for all changes take time.

Gemini, you are recovering from a retrograde Mercury and it will be a few days before things are back to normal. Not everything can be thought into submission.  Sometimes, things are going to be what they are, regardless of your tireless worry. Put it down and take in the upcoming spring air. Easier times are in store for you soon, but in the meantime, continue your endless struggle to still your mind. The gerbil wheel in your head will never get you where you need to go, anyway.

Cancer, when you feel something is right in your gut, you are wise to follow your instincts. This week, they are spot on. Allow yourself to be still so that you can hear that little voice inside.  What you put into motion today will likely lead to your desired results in time. Fortunately, you are one sign that is able to wait for what you want. Enjoy watching the pieces fall into place and feel validated in your choices, once again. You know what you are doing!

Leo, it is difficult to make decisions this week. Trying to think it through is leading to a quagmire in your head. Do not be rash, as it is best to do nothing if you are uncertain of what to do. Soon, you will wake with the path of least resistance to the goal you want to achieve, waiting in your mind as if it had been there all along. When the timing is right, the answers are clear. You put such effort to doing right by everyone else. But what about you, Lion?

Virgo, your obsession with an unchanging situation or loved one is frustrating. The skies are not clear enough yet for you to see the solutions for yourself, but help is forthcoming this week.  Look for someone to step in and give you the guidance you need to move forward again. You really don’t know everything and that is okay. Sometimes those on the outside see the forest you miss for all of the trees in your mind.

Libra, sometimes, we have to say things that others don’t want to hear. But saying the truth is never the end of the world.  Going through some unpleasantness to get what you need is not going to kill you. Feelings, even less pleasant ones, pass. Even you can not live on this planet without ruffling feathers sometimes. Doing so would mean losing your truth and yourself and doing that is not worth avoiding the occasional conflict.

Scorpio, many obstacles will finally leave your path on Sunday as Mercury leaves retrograde.  Lingering issues and indecisiveness will fade the closer we are to April, so hang on. When the spring hits, you will be ready to start anew and take on your next big challenge. Your ambitions are unlimited. Be gentle with those around you through this week, as many are recovering from a long period of communication obstacles and difficulty. You are on fire, but don’t rub it in.

Sagittarius, although there is romance in the stars for you this week, be careful of miscommunications. Your teasing tendencies and blunt words may not be swallowed as readily this week and could cost you the one you dearly desire, as there are still tangles in the skies regarding communication for many of your favorite signs. Might be a good week to talk less and act more–show them how you feel, rather than telling them. This will be clearer this week and bring you the sweet rewards you so hope for.

Capricorn, you have been so busy, you have hardly been able to catch a breath.  You like things this way, but it is not going to last, so prepare for things to slow down this week. You should take stock of the hectic times, make adjustments where necessary to make you as efficient as possible, thus decreasing your stress next hectic time around. Do not enter into written agreements without careful research this week.  Things may not be as they appear.

Aquarius, your efforts to solve a long standing problem have been thwarted for some time.  Each time you think something through, you end up with a different solution.  Each opinion offered, contradicts the last.  Do not force solutions.  You are in a holding pattern of sorts.  When the time is right, all the words will come, all the feelings will be certain. This week, you must exercise patience, as your vision will not be clear for awhile longer.

Pisces, you are frozen by analysis, but really, you are trapped in fear that need not be there.  The stars are aligning to give you some relief. There need be no regrets in the romantic part of your life, even though things are not going exactly as you’d hoped. Nothing that is, can not be altered for the better, so do not despair. You may get bumped and bruised along the way, but you are tougher than you think. Buck up, little fishy!

(This horoscope provided for your entertainment. Be good to each other!)


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