Letter from the Editor

11:44 am March 14th, 2013

My desk is full of papers. After only three weeks the disorganization monster that comes in at night to rearrange everything has made his appearance. I have faxes, letters, print offs and a massive collection of old files I’m sorting through. I swear I had them all organized when I left work the other night. We must have ghosts in the building messing things up while I’m away.

I’ve met lots of folks in Kuna and will be trying to spend more time in Melba during the next few weeks to get to know the communities better. People ask me how I’m enjoying the new job. I don’t. I love it.

You may have noticed a few changes in the last few weeks. I’m going to tell you now that you’ll most likely see a few more in weeks to come. Some of these changes have been cosmetic while others are philosophical about journalism and the nature of what a small paper should be.

First, the goal is to increase reader interaction with the community paper. Above the door to our office is the motto of the Kuna Melba News, “Part of the community, for the community.” That sums it up. The paper is part of this community. Who reads it? The community. So what is community?

I’ve been told lots of things in my few short weeks about Kuna and Melba. I’ve been told that Kuna is two towns, North Kuna and South Kuna. But depending upon one’s frame of reference that can mean north of Deer Flat Road, south of the tracks or east of Meridian Road for “old” Kuna. Most likely it is somewhere in between. My goal is to bring them all together in this thing we call community.

Melba, on the other hand, is Melba. I’ve been told by those that don’t live in Melba that perhaps the town is a bit sensitive to being treated as Kuna’s little sister, especially by the, ahem, local paper. Then again, I’ve witnessed Melba pride in its fullest and I give it my respect.

To me, the communities are not all that different. To me, the community is not two points on a map but all the small points in between and around them. Thousands of farmers, ranchers, commuters and retirees on a thousand acres or just a single acre are home to many who love it here. They don’t live in either city. They live in the community.

So back to what’s new in the paper. Grapevine is our new column to celebrate your neighbors, your family and your friend’s successes and moments in time. I look back 50 years ago to the Kuna Herald and the Melba Herald and see announcements that “Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hopple visited their son-in-law and daughter in Nampa on Monday evening.” The newspaper back then was about community… and neighbors. We want to help you connect with your neighbors. We want to be your neighbor once again. Won’t you be our neighbor? Now let me go put on my cardigan and
my indoor shoes.

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