11:41 am August 15th, 2013

Family Reunions

My wife and I just got back from a family reunion in which we got to see relatives from all over the country once again and get reacquainted. This was the first time when six of our relatives had passed away since the last reunion but we also got to see the newborns. It was a sad time and a joyful time all mixed into one weekend. In spite of the losses, the size of the reunion had grown even larger from the last one. It is good to find out what had happened in the lives of each of the families, get to share laughs and remember “the good old days.” One of the relatives made a comment they did not realize they were so poor at the time when they were growing up. To top the event we all had to don mustaches for the final family photo. Sadly one of those who had passed away since the last reunion was my father. He was one who insisted all his family attend those reunions. Since I was a young child I do not remember him ever missing any of the reunions. Prior to the last reunion he was very sick and required a new pacemaker/ defibrillator to be put into his heart one week before the reunion. He had been telling the family he just was not up to making the trip, but two days before the reunion he called me up and said he was feeling a little better and would we take him back to the reunion. Family was very important to him.

In the Bible we read of a young man named Joseph who also felt family was important. When he was a young teenager, his brothers did not like the attitude of their brother so they faked his death and sold him into slavery. He was then taken to a foreign land and sold into the household of a person. Due to circumstances out of his control he ends up in prison. In chapters 37 – 47 of Genesis we find he was even forgotten about while in prison. All he had was his faith and he shared it was the other prisoners around him. One of the prisoners had a dream and Joseph was able to interpret the dream. The prisoner evenly got out and went back to work for the king. Again Joseph is forgotten until one day the king has a very disturbing dream. The ex- prisoner remembers the person who had interpreted his dream. Joseph is called in front of the king and again is able to interpret the dream. The king is so impressed he makes Joseph the second most powerful man in the land and given the task of preparing the country for what is about to happen according to the dream. Seven years of lots of food and seven years of no food. Joseph takes on the task and prepares the country. This drought not only affects this land but also the land where Joseph was raised before he was sold into slavery by his brothers.  Part way through the drought the brothers have to go looking for food and end up in front of Joseph asking for food. They did not recognize their brother but he did recognize them. As the story unfolds we find Joseph invites the whole family to come and live with him. Instead of revenge for what happened he saved their lives.

God is the same way with us. When we enter His family, He says He will never leave us or forsake us. We may forsake Him but His is faithful.  Someday there will be a reunion in heaven and I pray that you will be there as part of the family of God.   Pastor Rod


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